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Thread: Is it soup yet?

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    Is it soup yet?

    Hokay I'm running the following:

    Platinum Audio Studio 3's - Mains
    Ohm Walsh 2's - Rears
    Klipsch KLF-C7 - Center
    Hsu VTF-3 - Sub
    Denon 3700 - DVD
    Old School Mitsubishi TV

    So what I wants to know is the following:

    1. Is HDMI 1.3 HERE NOW?
    2. Anyone besides Onkyo, Yammi and Denon got it?
    3. Are the screen HDMI compatible?
    4. Is Time Warner pumping it yet?
    5. Will the receiver "up convert" if not ready?
    6. Is it time to scratch all this crap and upgrade in the shade?

    Thanks for the information... I hope.

    Da Worfster

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    First question. Are you planning to upgrade your monitor?

    When you say "Old School Mitsubishi TV", I tend to think everything else might have to take a back seat. Unless it accepts HDMI as a video source, you might be spitting in the wind.

    Reason being that even if you can feed all your sources (via HDMI) through your receiver, I'm not too sure it could "downconvert" to component, composite or whatever you're using on your dinosaur Mitsu.

    And, I use a mitsu CRT myself and have no desire to jettison it..

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    HDMI 1.3.............well it's pretty much a joke right now. There may be hardware out that supports it, but it pretty much stops about there. There is no software support for Deep Color and most BR and all HD-DVD discs are advanced authored, requiring that the decoding be done in the player. Decoding can be done in the player and output via MC analogs out, or via HDMI v1.1 and up, so 1.3 is not necessary in the AVR.

    From Doldy:

    To decode these bitstreams, the A/V decoder will need to support the updated data protocols, as well as incorporate these new decoding algorithms. In addition, it will be necessary to select HD discs in which the content maker has permitted the core 5.1 or 7.1 audio bitstreams to bypass the player’s mixing process and be sent directly to the digital outputs of the player. We expect that certain HD discs will permit this, but they may represent a minority of titles. In the end, the sound quality will be essentially the same as that of audio decoded within the player as PCM signals and transported through a current-generation HDMI connection to the A/V receiver.

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    LJ, who is this ancient mystic, Doldy?

    HDMI 1.3 does exist, just not in the wild yet. Unless you're a bleeding-edger, I'd wait for the software to catch up with the hardware before worrying about it.

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