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    Which sounds better Bose or the New Klegg M6

    I listened to the New Klegg M6 system for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised! Full and rich sound. I think it may actually sound better than Bose Lifestyle systems, however the sales associate said that my ears were not trained. Has anyone compared the two?
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    Bose is a forbidden word in this forum!!! No one and i mean no one likes the sound of bose here. well...Maybe 1 or 2.

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    I've never heard of Klegg, but I can't imagine anything else sounding as bad as Bose. Even an $89 pair of bookshelves will sound better than a $1500 Bose Lifestyle system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by N. Abstentia
    I've never heard of Klegg, but I can't imagine anything else sounding as bad as Bose. Even an $89 pair of bookshelves will sound better than a $1500 Bose Lifestyle system.
    again i agree with u. And bose is for the untrained ear, or just ignorant shopper

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    Which associate was telling you that your ears weren't trained? The one trying to sell you the Bose system? REALLY unbiased opinion there!

    Sorry, the Lifestyle systems are made for convenience, not for performance. You can easily piece together a component system that will outperform the Lifestyle systems for less than half the cost, provided that you're willing to live with something that's not as compact and might not be as user friendly. Bose provides some of the highest margins for retailers, and a lot of their dealers have contractual restrictions on how Bose products can be displayed and advertised, so it's not a level playing field going in.

    The Kleggs are not designed as all-in-one systems because you have to add your own source components, but it looks like it's similar to the Lifestyle in that the amp might not be part of the control unit but rather inside the subwoofer. IMO, that's a poor design trend that Bose started because it negates the possibility of upgrading the receiver or the speakers.

    I've not heard the Kleggs, but I have heard my fair share of these compact sub/sat systems. None of the ones I've heard come anywhere close to the performance of a decent 5.1 system pieced together with bookshelf speakers, an actual receiver component, and a real subwoofer (the bass module that comes with the Bose Lifestyle systems is not a subwoofer because it cannot extend into the lowest octaves and its frequency range actually extends well into the lower midrange, which is something you DO NOT want a subwoofer to do). Other products have the same performance liabilities as the Bose Lifestyles, but they don't charge nearly as much as Bose does. The Kleggs are less expensive than the Bose systems, but certainly not cheap by any stretch.

    Go with this kind of system ONLY if you're stuck with very limited space, or are willing to sacrifice a considerable amount of performance for sake of a more design-friendly system. If performance and/or value are your aim, and you have the room to accommodate larger speakers and components, then immediately walk away from Bose and Klegg, and start auditioning receivers and fuller range bookshelf speakers. What they sacrifice in convenience and looks, they more than make up for in value, performance, versatility, and expandability.

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    After visiting the Klegg website, I can only conclude that your best course of action is to run away from Klegg products just as fast as your little legs will move you - and while you're running, don't stop until you've left both Klegg and Bose in your far distant past, never to be heard from or considered ever again. There are many, many, many, many much more viable alternatives available in the marketplace which will actually give you some value for your money. Neither of the brands that you're talking about will give you any such thing, IMO (based upon a lifetime of experience in the industry).

    I was shocked at the total lack of pertinent information given about the Klegg product line - no details (specifications) of any sort regarding performance parameters or design criteria or anything else! Also, no info about the company - who is involved - their "credentials" - where the manufacturing is done, etc. I suspect that Wooch is probably correct in assuming that all of the power amplification for the entire system is contained within the subwoofer, which means that either:
    a. power amplifying is extremely minimal, or
    b. there's the potential for severe heat buildup inside (which can be devastating to reliability).

    Hear me now, and believe me later ... give this company a very "wide berth" - it is quite obviously a new, unproven, startup company with no track record of any sort. I don't give them much of a chance to still be in business a few years from now.

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