I recently purchased a Sound Blaster Audigy ZS Platinum sound card for my computer. It has the typical three outputs (Green, Yellow and Black) that connects to my 5 speaker (and sub) setup. I am configured for 5.1 sound.

I then recently purchased a Sound Blaster Home Theatre Cable that converts the three 3.5mm mini plugs to 8 RCA plugs.

This way I can hook my sound card up to my Yamaha HTR-5830's 6 Channel Input.

Now when I attached everything, I get this HUM sound. Not only that, but every channel (not including the LFE) has no bass. Usually when you have a DVD with Dolby Digital (AC3) the left and right will have some bass.

I'm a filmmaker who uses Vegas 6.0 to edit my audio in 5.1. I currently use my 5.1 speaker setup to mix. But I wanted to hear my mix through a REAL home theater receiver.

What is causing this problem? Why is there a hum? Is it my receiver or is it my sound card / cable?