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    Question Sony STR-DB930 or Yamaha HTR-5280?

    Please don't think this is a troll because i mention the word Sony..I have a chance to buy either a 1999 Sony STR-DB930 $200 or a 2001 Yamaha HTR-5280 $300 both brand new still in the box (Yes i said brand new).My brother has a Sony STR-DB930 that he bought new in 1999 that has never given him one day of problems but i have never had the chance to audition a Yamaha HTR-5280,i know on this site Sony receivers leave a bad taste in folks mouths but i tried to do some research on both and there is not alot of info out there on the Yamaha 5280 but i heard that the DB930 has ES grade amps and top of the line Nichicon Gold Tune Capacitor's and it also won the British Audio Award for best home theater receiver in it's price range in 1999 and Home Cinema Choice also did a stellar review of the DB930.I know that Yamaha has a stellar reliability rating and top notch build quality so i am kinda torn on which to spend my money on.You are also probably wondering why i would want to buy an older receiver?I don't have alot of cash to spend and to buy a receiver as good as one of these i would have to spend alot more than $200-$300.Thanks,Keith.

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    Since I own a Sony DE-975 and a Yamahs RX-v2200 after reading the reviews for the Yamaha 5280. I feel confident in advising you to get the Yammi, it has pre-outs. The Sony which is an older model than mine probably doesn't have pre-outs. And the Yamaha's soundfields are better as well.

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