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Thread: Sony STR-DA2ES

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    Sony STR-DA2ES

    I have a Sony STR-DA2ES reciever hooked up to my digital cable with an optical cable. My fronts are B&W 604's with a LCR 6 center channel and in-ceilings for the rears. My fronts are bi-amped through a Behringer A500. The first problem was I get a low hum through all of the speakers whenever I have it turned on. The big problem I have now is that every so often I will get a very loud "feedback" that sound like I'm watching static on the T.V.. It is so loud that it drowns out the voices on the T.V.. If I shut down the reciever it will work fine for a minute then back to the static. The last time this happened I switched the receiver to CD with the same result, loud static and voices cracking like a teenager going through puberty. I don't know much about this receiver because it was a hand me down from an friend. Is my problem with my reciever? I want to get the Denon AVR-3806 but I want to make sure that my problem is with my receiver before I drop the big nut. Please help

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    The fact that you get the same problem with different sources points to the receiver or an electrical feedback problem. I've read many threads where people reporting a hum turned out to be a ground loop problem. Now, I'm not an electrician, but again, it's most likely the receiver/electrical issue if all components produce the same problem sound.

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