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Thread: Sony HDTV Help

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    Sony HDTV Help

    Hey group, first post here and my new membership is driven by a problem I hope I can get some help with. If not here, maybe at least point me to a site/forum to get the help I need.

    I have a Sony Wega 42" HDTV (rear projection LCD). My overzealous and helpful 3YO decided to help Mommy do some cleaning, and sprayed a good amount of Windex on the screen (w/o wiping it off, of course). It's contained to the bottom left hand corner of the display. It appears a though the liquid settled to the bottom, and crept up the inside of the screen. I soaked up what I could, used a hair dryer, etc, and got most of it dried and dispersed.

    BUT, I do have a bit of discoloration in that corner, especially when viewed at a left or right side angle (not so much from the front). I'd like to remove the front screen (I assume its a glare/scratch reducer) and just give it a good wiping in that area. Is this advisable? Doable? I've looked at the back of the unit, and it has screws all the way around that appear to be holding the front on...

    Think it would be ok to remove the screws and pull the front off a bit to give it a wipe?

    Thanks for any help/advice/etc. I'm not going to do anything until I get some rational feedback. I'd just like to avoid loading it up and heading into town with it if at all possible.


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    You could try a Google search for cleaning or care of your product. It may be difficult to get Sony specific info. If you have your manual they usually include a customer service number or try emailing them. You could also try calling a local repair place for advice, sometimes you'll find a nice person who will tell you if it's something you can do.

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    Yeah, I would contact Sony for a professional recommendation. I have no idea how their customer service is, but it's worth a shot.

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