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    The skinny on the YAMAHA RXV 757 ???

    I'm in the Market for a mid-level Receiver. I have heard some favorable reviews on the Yamaha RXV 757. I am leaning towards a purchase of a 757 at around $479.00. Can anyone give me some info on this Receiver ? Are there any online reviews?? How is this Receiver compared to other Receivers at a similar price point.
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    The Yamaha 757 is a very nice receiver- especially at $479 (msrp is $599). I haven't seen many online reviews on the 757, but I do know that there were a decent amount of reveiws on the 650 (last year's model a step below yours) and they were great! I haven't the 650 and really like it!

    Where are you finding the price at $479? Online? If so, do you know if it's an authorized dealer? Just wondering because I'm in the market for a second receiver.

    Thanks and good luck!

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    Hi guys,

    THe RX-V757 is a great receiver for the money. I got to know the HTR-5760 quite well for about a month or so last year while my neighbor moved. (same as the old RX-V650). The difference this year is the application of Yamaha's YPAO technology, the built in equalizer. Nice throw in feature, but after a lot of experience with my RX-V1400, I think it's a bit overrated.

    I told many people here last year if I could do it over again, I would have bought the RX-V650 or HTR-5760 instead of the RX-V1400 and saved a few hundred bucks. There's no difference sound quality wise, I don't use all the extra inputs and I run external power amps anyway, so that was moot. We even openned the two cases up to peek inside. You'd be amazed how much common circuitry these share.

    Unless you really need a phone input, I strongly recommend going witht he RX-V657 or HTR-5860 (again, same models for all intents and purposes). These use the same chassis, same power supply, and same componentry throughout as the RX-V757. Yet the 657/5860 is about $100 lower MSRP. Better value IMO.
    The extra wattage is insignificant, I doubt it would create a 1 dB increase in volume should you ever need it.

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