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    Should I buy a Mitsubishi 50703 50 inch RPTV for $500?

    Mint Mitsubishi 50703 50 inch RPTV for $500...

    It is from a friend of mine who took very good care of it. I trust him that it is in perfect working order. I currently own a 7 year old ProScan 32 inch TV. I wasn't looking for a new set, but this seems like a great buy. He bought it new in 2000 for $2500. Please advise. He has lots of money and just bought a 55 inch one. So this is up for sale.


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    You can find a lot closeout deals on CRT based HD PRTV around $1K. I would rather spend $1K to get a 50" HD RPTV than a $500 used analog TV.

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    if you it looks like it has good picture quality, and your not into the whole high def thing like me yet, go for it.

    It would be a definite upgrade.

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