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    Sharp LC42D64U- noise at top of screen

    hi! i just bought a sharp LC42D64U tv a couple weeks ago and have some questions. i am only using an ota antenna as my hd dvr cable box is arriving on wednesday.

    you know how you can watch programs in stretch, zoom, etc? sharp also has a smart stretch and a full screen (720p) and dot by dot (1080i). when watching the full screen or dot by dot, the hd looks great, but when it switches to a non-hd program (like a commercial), some noise appears on the top of the screen- it looks like a very thin line of static (less than 1 cm)- it is not all the way across the top- sporadic. then when it goes back to hd, it's great again. any ideas? in the manual, it reads sometimes this happens with dot by dot, but doesn't mention anything about full screen.

    i'm thinking full screen is the correct way to watch an hd program as it looks like best and it isn't stretched- even though stretch still looks great. when watching stretch or smart stretch, no noise at all. i know i can just watch stretch or deal with the noise during non-hd, but i want to be sure everything is working properly.

    anyone having similar issues with your sharp or other hdtv?

    i plan on getting in contact with my dealer next week sometime.

    any input is appreciated.


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    Might be an overscan problem, hard to tell.
    I have heard that sharp has had a hugh increase in quality over the past several years,
    their stuff used to be pretty bad.
    AND "full" or "wide" is the proper way to watch hd, although I sometimes zoom letterboxed material if I dont lose much around the edges.
    DON'T WORRY ABOUT THIS "PROBLEM" if it doesnt affect your HD, because digital is all you'll be watching in a few years anyway.
    Waith untill you get a cable box, I'm sure that will fix the problem
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