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    Setting up DVD player...

    I have an older TV that only has coxial input on the back no place for a L/R/V Interconnects. Is there a way to hook a dvd player up to this? I have a A/V receiver I could use if it would make it easier to get a dvd player working. Lemme know guys!

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    The way i understand it, something like THIS would fix your problem?
    You can probably get a cheaper converter, this was just the first one in my search to come up

    hope that helps


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    Radio Shack sells an RF Modulator for about $30. Routing the DVD signal through the receiver is a convenience in that you use one remote to switch your sources. With a coaxial input, it won't really matter which way you go since your TV can't switch video sources to begin with.

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    Thanks guys, I found this info a little while ago and should have just deleted this thread. I love this place!

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