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    Safe distance from CRT for non-shilded speakers

    Can someone advise what is a safe distance to place non-shielded speakers from a CRT television... by safe I mean a distance that will ensure the picture is not affected by the speakers magnetic field.

    I appreciate this may vary based on TV, speakers but a ball park idea whould be great - eg "24 inches or more"

    TV = 81cm Grundig Elegance 16:9
    Speakers = Wharfedale Diamond 8.3


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    This varies from speaker to speaker and television set. Fortunately, most all sets have built in degaussing circuits that will cure any magnetic problems the next time the set is powered on.

    The best way to find out your answer is to experiment. Move the speakers closer and closer to the set and when distortion sets in, simply back off a few inches.

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