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    S-VHS ET Technology/ HRS3902U

    I just bought my last VCR (I hope). It is a JVC HRS3902U. It is a S-VHS model. I have never has a S-VHS VCR before. I understand and have seen the picture difference recording in S-VHS mode on S-VHS tape, but has anyone played around with the S-VHS ET technology that allows you to record almost S-VHS quality on high grade regular VHS tapes?

    I have played with it a little. In SP mode the S-VHS ET picture does seem better that standard SP. In EP mode S-VHS ET looks worse! My theory is that the S-VHS ET is emphasizing the poor picure quality of EP and in affect amplifying it. I am using TDK 120 EHG VHS cassettes which are about the best VHS cassettes I can find around here. Circuit CIty sells a two pack of JVC S-VHS cassettes for $12.99. Has anyone had any experience the these tapes. I usually stick to the higher end TDK or Fuji's.

    Please feel free to put you two cents in...Thanks

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    You will see the difference with different tape quality. Before they came out of ET, I used to drill a hole in the regular tape cassette to fool it. Although using regular tape in S-VHS mode is better than regular mode, the S-VHS tape is still better due to the finer particles. I would bet the D-VHS tape has even finer particles than S-VHS.
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