I am in search of a new receiver. I have M&K S150 fronts and center with an M&K MX350 sub. My rears are Paradigm ADP450's. I had a Marantz 7000 but have been looking at a Denon 2805 or 3805 for the replacement. I need a nice receiver in the $800 to $1700 range that will push these speakers and give me the best sound across the entire frequency range.

In addition, I'm looking to replace my XBR sony with a DLP. I really like the DLP's for the picture/size/price over a plasma. And I feel the DLP will be better as my day to day tv over a plasma. My Pioneer elite DVD 5 disc changer will be replaced with the SONY ES 400 DVD changer.

So, ideas on a receiver? Is the Denon a good one?