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    Replace Pioneer Elite 55txi With Marantz 8002

    Thinking of Replacing my Pioneer Elite 55TXI with marantz 8002 for new TrueHD audio any opionions welcomed


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    I'm not familiar with all the features of your Elite but you can use your multichannel analog inputs with a Blu-ray player that offers the multichannel output and has internal decoding to enjoy Tru-HD and DTS-MA. If your receiver is HDMI compatible you can also check with Pioneer to see if it will accept a 7.1 PCM signal. If it accepts the PCM a player with the decoder will send the Tru-HD in PCM form via HDMI to your receiver.

    A friend of mine found the Samsung BD-P2500 for $250.00 which includes onboard decoding. You'll have to double check to see if it has the multichannel outs. Buying a new player or the right player is cheaper than replacing a receiver.
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    MR P is right on this one.
    Being geeks and wanting the latest we sometimes rationalize the dumbest manuvers.
    on ANY given day any Marantz is gonna beat any given Pioneer.
    HOWEVER their Elite line is pretty good.
    AND i bet expensive.
    I am in the same shape, a nice receiver , only about three or four years old, geared towards the audiophile, even has a phono stage,
    and it doesnt even have HDMI.
    But it does have a seven channel input and thats all it needs.
    The sound going through my Blu player is stupendous, really.
    I just cant justify tossing a 1200$ item after three or four years, sorry.
    Just make sure your blu player decodes the new formats, and has a s.1 channel out.
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    Thanks for the input


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