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    receiver that upconverts to DVI output?

    I'm new to this board, so I do apologize if this question has been addressed in the past. Is there an audio receiver (or pre-amp) available that offers DVI inputs and outputs and will upconvert all video inputs (component, etc.) to the DVI output?


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    I know there are receivers that upconvert to component video, but I haven't heard of upconverting to DVI. Upconversion doesn't necessarily mean the picture is going to be any better. You won't get any more detail that what is originally input, it only allows you to connect to your display using one cable instead of requiring one for each type of output (composite, S-Video, component, RGB, etc). Some TVs will do line-doubling or Virtual 1080i, but that's a conversion within the TV itself. It's more for convenience than quality.

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