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    Rebuilding Home Theater components

    Presently have a anti-audiophile system. Would like to buy used components from Adcom, B&K, Anthem or any other suggestions to go with PSB Image speakers. Would like to invest about $2,000 in 5 channel amp,processor and center/ surround speakers,cables,etc.I have 2 PSB B-25's . Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I've never heard the PSB B-25s, but I've heard great things about them from reviewers that I respect. Unless you have a big room, they don't seem to require an enormous amount of power, given that 10 watts is supposed to be able to drive them. To me, all of the electronics that you mention are worthy, though nothing escapes the wrath, or skepticism, of detractors on the web. To be broad about it, B&K always struck me as having a "dark" signature. I have always liked Adcom preamps, processors, and amps for the money, though I think of their sound as "reserved." The sale of the company seems to have opened it up to renewed criticism, but it still is a serviceable alternative in the low high-end range. Adcoms don't maintain a high price in the used market. If you're willing to sacrifice some of the latest surround formats, like Neo:6 and DPLIIx, you can probably get a pre/pro and 5-channel amp, at 65 high-current watts or so, for less than $1000. Rotel separates may also be worth a look, though they tend to hold their value more. A search of ebay, past and present, might be helpful. I like separates myself, but don't overlook the benefits of a solid receiver. Other people know far more about the options than I do.

    Can you get another pair of used or otherwise discounted B-25s for the rear? You'll want to keep the timbre for all five speakers as close as possible. Asking PSB or a dealer for suggestions about a surround complement might make sense, unless people here or elsewhere have opinions that you like. If you want to mount your surrounds on the wall, bipolars might work, and they might also release you from the timbre matching that a point source would seem to require, especially for music.

    I can imagine doing all of this for $2,000, although a decent sub might bump you up a bit. Nor would I skimp on cables. Though I'm not the cable skeptic that many smart people on this board are, you shouldn't have spend an arm and leg on esoteric cables to enjoy your system.

    I hope that some of this is food for thought. Other people might have further comments and different opinions.


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