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    Questions About Denon AVR-1905 and Competitors

    Thinking about getting a 1905 as I currently have the 1803 and am generally happy with it. I'm looking to upgrade as my two big issues with the 1803 are that there is no video up-conversion and only 2 component inputs when I need 3 (DVD, DTV, XBOX).

    How does the up-conversion work? Does it degrade the picture quality of an s-video hook-up as compared to just running S-video in to S-video out on the receiver? Can I up-convert composite and S-video at the same time or only one or the other?

    Are there other competitors in a similar price range that have both the 3 component inputs and the video up-conversion?

    And the final question; have there been any issues with the 1905? I'd hate to sell my 1803, buy the 1905 and find out it has inferior sound quality to the 1803.

    Thanks in advance for helping me with my many questions.
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