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    Question on Denon Receivers - Sound Quality Only

    Hi I haven't been on here for ages and I have a general question for anyone in regards to Denon 5.1/7.1Receivers for an article I'm writing for my Blog which deals with Pop Culture,A/V,TV Shows, Movies, etc., the internet,e-commerce, Deep Purple, the Zodiac killer, Sarah Palin grandmother rumors, etc.

    Specifically, I'm wondering at what level- Denon Model # even if no longer sold, just on Audio Quality only for TV,DVD and CDs, is there no discernable difference in sound quality? I realize obviously the newer and more expensive models have more features but is the audio quality any different? I'm guessing it isn't but maybe I'm wrong.

    My focus on my blog post is that if someone is tight on money they can buy a used Denon Receiver for say $250 that will give them the same audio quality as a $4000 Denon receiver. Please give me your opinions on this. Thank you.
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    To me there's no question there will be a discernable difference in audio quality between a a used $250 receiver and a new $4,000 receiver. You're looking at better amp designs, cleaner analog signal paths, and better onboard DACs, not to mention lower THD, higher current capacity, I could go on and on..

    Visit any hifi store and audition a Denon AVR-1909 ($649) vs a Denon AVR-3808 ($2,699) for yourself, you'll quickly hear a difference. That being said, there are a number of receivers and separates over $2,500 that will give these Denon models a run for the money, particularly if audio quality is your primary concern.

    In fact, you can find yourself a decent s/h integrated amp for $250 that will blow away the Denon. But why write a blog entry or review based on others opinions? Go audition for yourself, I'm sure you're capable of coming up with your own conclusions

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    You have hit on an old argument in the audio world, mainly the one
    that posits "are all amps the same"?
    No one can answer this for you, just give an opinion.
    And are you talking about HT or stereo, etc.
    My first Denon was bought in the mid eighties, cost six hundred
    bucks, was top of the line, at 75 watts into each channel, and teh sound kicked the butt off of any modern Denon, there are compromises in putting seven channels of amps into a hatbox
    sized receiver.
    Find a new disscussion topic, this one is way too convoluted and
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    I have a Denon AVR 85, it sounds good in stereo with Wharfedale speakers.

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