• 12-15-2003, 12:04 AM
    Question about speaker housings in an Entertainment Center

    First off, thanks for the replies to my previous forum posts, really helped me focus my search for componets a bit.

    Now that I have picked up my HT componets I'm building a custom Entertainment center. My main concern was about the housings I am planning to place the front speakers in. Due to room-size, electrical and cable jack location, and aesthetic constraints, the Front speakers are going to be within 8-12" of my HDTV and roughly the same distance from the wall. I don't notice any distortion in the picture now, but I'm worried about long-term damage. Also, despite technically sub-optimal speaker placement, the system sounds really nice.

    2 main concerns:

    1) Are there any steps I can take to shield the area around where the speakers will be placed, so I don't screw up the TV, but at the same time, won't detract from the sound of the speakers? Any decent materials that wont break the bank?

    2) How much room should I give the speakers on all sides in the enclosure? (can it form-fit the speaker or should I give it a few inches from each side?)

    Thanks for any input you may have :)
  • 12-15-2003, 01:53 PM
    I have separate TV speakers (two small 2-ways+a small sub) that I use when I'm doing casual TV watching and HT is off. They are in an enclosure. They almost form fit the enclosure, having slightly less than half an inch off each side wall. They do not touch the side walls to avoid inducting vibrations to the enclosure and the TV screen. Each speaker also have a ~1 cm. thick rubber sheet under to isolate vibrations. You may use some other material under the speakers but be sure to give enough margin of height on the enclosure to allow to use such an isolation material.

    Take into account any rear firing bass reflex port (vent) your speakers may have. They shouldn't be blocked. In my enclosure I also have a large center speaker with a port/vent on each side. I have provided about 2/3 foot of free space on each side of the center speaker for minimum interaction with the enclosure.