• 01-04-2004, 08:27 AM
    Question about rear speaker placement and type?
    I live in NYC and split my time between my parents' home and my apt. I'd like to put a little HT system in my apt however, the apt is such that I don't want to put the rear speakers against the wall in the rear because it's adjacent to the other apt's master bedroom. I was wondering if it's essential to position them behind the listener's ear and if so, how far behind? Can they be mounted to the side of the listener? The system consists of a Samsung 43 inch DLP tv, an HK 525 receiver and an Infinity Intermezzo 12 inch sub. I have a pair of Ohm Sound Cylinders that I am thinking of using as the surrounds and would like to perhaps get a pair of Infinity Kappa 200 bookshelfs with their center channel, however, a few people also suggested Paradigm Reference Studio 20's or 40's, B&W 705. I was wondering if those would be a better setup than the Kappas which I heard and enjoyed. I never heard the Paradigms or B7W's. Any suggestions on the placement and speaker would be greatly welcome. Thanks
  • 01-04-2004, 09:11 AM