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    Hey everyone,

    I am yet another noob looking for a little assistance. I was at a convention a couple weeks back and had the joy of sitting through a Monster Cable demonstration. Well at the end of it all they were giving away some prizes. They gave away power centers and hdmi cables and things like that. Then they gave away the grand prize and my name was called.

    So thinking I had just one their top of the line power center, you should have seen the look on my face when they told me I had won A M-Design Home Theater System valued at over $17,000 dollars retail.

    My question is this....I have a small apartment. Does anyone know here how or where I could go to sell this stuff??? I mean the front speakers are 7ft. Towers and weigh 131 pounds a piece. Any help would be appreciated.


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    You sound like the 98 year old man who won the lottery.
    I'll give 300, no, 400 bucks for everything, you're robbing me blind but I'll live with it.
    Seriously tho, just how small is your apartment, I am between houses and live in a freakin
    BEDROOM and have several thousands of dollars in my gear.
    I'd kill for speakers that weigh 131 pounds (a good weight for a speaker).
    Dont care of I had to sit them in the yard.
    Put an ad in the paper, you wont get retail no matter where you go, maybe e-bay
    or some of the swap pages on the web, but you will wind up with more than you started out with.
    Just remember, you have to pay taxes on that stuff based on dollar value, which could be as high as 33% (around 5 to 6 k) so be sure to get enough to cover that
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    Try Craig's List and make sure to contact te white van rental company for transportation of the Grand Prize.

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