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    Price Drops: Panasonic BD50/BD30

    It looks like the prices for the BD50 ($599) and the BD30 ($399) are finally coming down to earth:

    Anyone own either of these units already? What I've heard so far is that BD Live on the BD50 isn't necessarily worth the extra $$$$ over the BD30. But that feature notwithstanding, the BD50 is a marked improvement performance-wise. I'm skeptical, but I'm open & willing to hear all opinions. The clock is ticking on my pulling the trigger on a new BD upgrade.
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    If you are talking about the new "interactive" discs , well, if you wanna frick with this stuff instead of watching a movie then go ahead.
    Its really cool to be able to watch a movie in a window while you peruse the menu, for about five seconds.
    On the DAVE MATHEWS blu disc you can pick out songs while the disc is playing, thats nice.
    But I wasnt a big fan of "special" features with DVD, and I am not
    for BLU either, see, I want to watch a MOVIE.
    If I want to play with something I will get a PLAYSTATION.
    If you dont have a player then get the best you can afford when you buy,
    but theres really not that much out there to cause you to trash a perfectly good player if you already have one.
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