• 05-01-2004, 10:48 PM
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    Please help with my speaker setup!
    Could somebody please suggest how I should set up my speakers in this unusual room setup?

    There will be a couch in front of "A" and a loveseat in front of the window.
    My TV fits snug into the cubby hole parallel with "E"

    The cubby hole can only fit my component stand and my TV. There is no room to put the subwoofer into the cubby hole.

    My big question, is where should I put the rear speakers and subwoofer?

    I'm assuming the best place for center channel is on top of TV and Left speaker on "C" and Right speaker on "G."

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated !!

  • 05-02-2004, 01:32 AM
    Yeah, they don't make houses with HT in mind do they? Can you move the TV forward so that you can fit the subwoofer behind it? If not, you could try placing it in that other cubby hole next to it. In a worse case scenario, between the couch and love seat. You need to put the surrounds toward the back either on the side walls (recommend) facing your couches, or behind the couch up above ear level. You will definitely need to calibrate your system using a SPL meter and DVD test disc since your fronts will not be parallel to each other. Hope this helps.
  • 05-02-2004, 01:44 AM
    I would try placing the sub by the angled corner where wall A meets the window. If its front ported face it towards wall C. Front left close to wall B parrellel to wall C toed in toward the sub. Front right at G toed in toward sub. Rear left at letter B position facing facing towards middle of room between A & G. Rear right at A facing between Letter B & C positions.
  • 05-02-2004, 08:14 AM
    From your drawing I would put the subwoofer at the corner above the letter "C" and I would put surround speakers at wall "A" to the left and right of the couch at about 3 ft above ear level and facing each other.