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    Plasma TV ventilation

    I was interested in buying a plasma TV for my built in media niche cabinetry. I could get a 50" that would fit perfectly with about a half inch clearance all around. However, I recently read in some manuals that you need sufficient clearance for adequate ventilation (about 10 inches) and they say you should not put them inside built-in cabinetry. Is this simply a way for them to not be legally responsible for any heat problems or is there truly some serious risk in placing a 50" plasma in the cabinetry?

    I am considering just going with a less expensive 42" so that there is more clearance and ventilation. Also, are LCDs less prone to heat damage?


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    The plasma will generate heat. You do want to be sure there is enough space to vent the hot air. If you place it in samll and totally closed space, the heat build up will shorten the life of the unit not to mention possible fire hazard.

    LCD generates much less heat. Main heat source is the back light unit behind the LCD panel. Current LCD panel size is smaller than plasma and although in theory LCD panel itself should out last plasma, I am less certain about the back light unit used in these panels.

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