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    Planning my room: How high should the TV be hung?

    Another silly question... So I'm fairly certain I will be buying a 46" or 47" TV and I'm reconfiguring the room accordingly. We will be sitting about 8' away, which I know is close, but the lazyboys recline quite a bit, and I do hope to move everything back to a bigger room when space allows, but for now, those are the parameters.

    So how high should it be hung on the wall? Several friends of mine have theirs over the fireplace and that is just way too high and puts too much strain on my neck. My current 42" CRT is just 26" off the ground and that seems too low. So should eye-level be at the bottom edge of the screen, the middle, or somewhere in between?

    Also, since most of our watching is done reclined, I'm going to guess that slanting the TV downwards slightly might also be a good idea. Any thoughts?

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    Anyone? I guess people are enjoying the 3-day weekend away from the computer....

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    Monitor height

    Most recommendations suggest the center of the screen should be around eye level. However they are assuming that you are seated upright and face straight forward. You may want to have it a little higher if you are more comfortable viewing from a reclined position. The other factor to consider is that if you have two row of seats, having it a little higher will allow the back rows to view the screen easier.

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