• 06-10-2004, 07:02 AM
    Pioneer VSX-AX5i-S & DV-757Ai
    Hello, lets post this in the right place! Has anyone had the pleasure of this setup, Pioneer VSX-AX5i-S receiver and DV-757Ai dvd? Or a Pioneer Receiver / DVD combination using I-Link. I'm trying to build a full-proof system - one that has exceptional DVD-A and SACD reproduction and also that will give very healthy 2-Channel stereo performance. I've been juggling the idea of a Yammie 1400 and a Denon DVD2900 - but I wondered if it would be better to miss out all the D to A conversions and back again. I would really value someone experience in this area and let me know if the Pioneer avenue is worth exploring. What are Pioneers receivers and dvd's like - how do they compare with their peers?
    Thank you so much, Phil
  • 06-15-2004, 12:26 PM
    As far as I see Pioneer Elite VSX-AX5i-S is the newer version (with the I-Link, otherwise much the same) of the former VSXD-2011-S (or Elite VSX-45TX).

    I have been using the VSXD2011 for 14 months now. A friend lately bought the VSX-AX5i-S. He is pleased with his choice. I have been impressed by its sheer crystal clear sound since the day I have bought it. Its 2-channel performance is better than many 2-channel integrated amplifiers. After over a year use of the VSXD-2011-S (VSX-45TX) I can't find any fault with it.