• 11-30-2003, 09:12 PM
    Philips HDTV..60PW9383 60 inch widescreen
    I bought this tv on Black friday anyone have this? Anyone herad anything about Philips HDTV Tv's? I had to get it it was listed for 2599 on their site (Philips site) marked down to 2399 they took it down to 1899 for the first 4 hours of bussiness. Cable sucks on it, Satellite is ok I bought a 100 ft cable and ran it next door on the other side of the double block and sat is ok on some channels, some are great and some are worse than cable. DVD player plays choppy well not as clear as my 52 in tv that I got rid of, but on Progressive scan input 480P I watched NEMO and WOW what a picture, is this normal when you get this big tv, taht analog signal are realy choppy? The store had a HD signal and it was super sharp picture.
    Im afraid that I might be expecting more out of it, I compared two tvs the Sony and this one the sales guys said either way he makes no commission and they were exactly the same price he recommended the Philips and some guy over heard us and also afgreed that the Philips was the way to go, but I think the picture looks kinda cloudy and not that sharp but can that be the cable? Any help would be great, Any advice on Philips anything......
  • 11-30-2003, 10:20 PM
    Where did you buy it? What other brands do you have there to choose from?

    My experience in servicing Philips has not been positive in any way, shape, or form. I would NOT buy one myself at any price. Take that for what it's worth - the experience of someone with a history of working on these products for many, many years.
  • 12-01-2003, 09:46 AM
    Basically theres A Sony which was the one I was going to get. 57 widescreen, and there a JVC 56 wide. There are Toshiba, Hitachi but they are arond 600-1000 more and thats kinda a big jump. I was reading articles that the Sony is kinda crappy with cable and even Sat only HD works good? This is so tuff, I called the store I will get charged 285.00 for the return is it worth the return! Is Sony that much clear and better? Can I use the warranty to maybe get it alligned to come in sharper I dont know how to do it mannually. Someone please advise.....
  • 12-01-2003, 01:05 PM
    big screen Picture
    Back to your question: Big/Wide screen TV's will let you know how bad your cable signal is. I am surprised you did not see this on the 57". It sound like the Phillips is up-converting the signal and it shows the flaws in the signal. And that would explain the difference in the cable/Sat. Most cable signals are not uniformly broadcast (but it seems the Channels I don't watch: Home shopping, Food network have strong signals). I don't have Sat, but it is suppose to give a better picture and sound, still not HD level yet (HBO etc suppose to be). Progressive DVD players and HD/HD-ready TV's work great together and let you know what you should be seeing. But as HD comes out more and more the TV will pay for itself in viewing pleasure. So don't painc, just wait. I've been waiting 2 years now with my Mits' WS55805, getting HD cable next month.
  • 12-01-2003, 09:13 PM
    What does up converting mean? So I should hold out? Notreturn it Philips is a good name? Its a 2600 tv and I thoughtit should be better, I got it for 1899 though. Read my post on the widescreen bars.
  • 12-01-2003, 10:17 PM
    hello john1974,
    First, get familiar with the picture size adjustments on your set, you should be able to watch in square 4:3, and several other wide modes, read the instructions carefully. For TV, set the picture size to square 4:3 so the picure is not as stretched, this is sharper than watching TV in wide; when you have HD TV on then it's meant to watch in wide mode.

    Big screens just magnify and stretch out all the flaws in weak cable 3x-5x what we are used to seeing... 60" is huge, there is nothing wrong with the philips, you just saw that with the nemo dvd. What you can do is follow the steps in the link below (hdtv faq guide) and you will start to see improvements. Generally, lowering the contrast / picture, and sharpness will help immediately. But read these faqs, they will give you all you need to know. Remember, the picture is only as good as the signal so call the cable company if TV looks bad! Also, when adjusting picture settings use a dvd with skin tones so you can judge the colors, TV channels vary too much and are not dependable for adjusting color.

  • 12-02-2003, 06:29 AM
    For Psonic
    So you think its fine then, Im used to a 4:3 tv I guess I did find all those menus so thats cool now. Di dyou ever hear anything bad about the Philips tvs? I will have to look at all those FAQS. Thast awsome Im hopeing to have it set up good.
  • 12-02-2003, 09:12 AM
    its fine

    Originally Posted by John1974
    So you think its fine then, Im used to a 4:3 tv I guess I did find all those menus so thats cool now. Di dyou ever hear anything bad about the Philips tvs? I will have to look at all those FAQS. Thast awsome Im hopeing to have it set up good.

    As stated before, get a calibration disk (DVD essintial, Avia) this will fine tune the TV. Most items made to today don't have the staying power of older gear (all items, not just TV's) so just take care of it and it will take care of you.