I picked up the newest series Paradigm PS-1000 sub over the weekend. I owned a series 2 PS1000 a few years back and missed it for home theater, but not for its performance with music, which I found a little plodding and indistinct. Anyway, the guy at the stereo shop said the version four is much tighter for music. I took it home and was blown away by how nice it sounds with stand-up bass. It is also fantastic for movies, producing room-shaking grunt in a huge family room that opens up into a kitchen.

Anyone else have the series IV? Do you find it musical?

One other quick question. Has anyone got any idea what would cause my system to very occasionally stop producing sound and generate an ultra-loud 60 cycle hum through the sub? This happened with my previous sub as well. This is very intermittent. If I shut the receiver (Denon AVR-1603) off, quickly unplug the sub and power it up again, everything operates flawlessly. I have replaced the sub cable and it still acts up, but only occasionally. The hum starts out loud and quickly escalates in volume. Is it my receiver??? Thanks.