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    paradigm monitor 11 v5

    hey ho people, i finally bit the bullet and brought the monitor 11 v5 fronts and cc-290 centre. and wow, these things are so good for so little outlay of money. they are big, so it was quite an effort to get the g/f to get them, but now she has heard them she has passed over to the dark side. just thought i would share the news, if anyone is interested in getting speakers in this price point definitely consider these for your list.


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    Congrats diggity!

    When I was trying to audition receivers, I listened to a system with Monitors and a center from Paradigm; don't recall the model, but the dialog during a movie coming from the CC was just stunning. I liked the looks of these particular Paradigm's and if I had it to do over again they would be tops on my list. Enjoy!
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    nice grabs, i've auditioned a few sets of the monitor 9's in my day and they are very nice.

    but damn that center is huge lol

    much like Rich paradigms would be way up there if i got to do it all over again.

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    yes i agree the centre is really but extremely clear. i went for the smaller "cc-290" but what ii really really wanted the "cc-390", but at 97cm (just under 40 inches for all you yanks.. ) wide i was a hard sell to the

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    Trash the missus get the 390!! haha just kiding

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