• 11-28-2005, 08:51 PM
    Panasonic 34" HDTV CT-34WX15 Review
    I've now had this for a week & it looks better every day. Cosmetically its beautiful & its picture is great both for DVD's, HD & regular shows as well. Until I can fine tune this, the factory preset of Vivid is fine- it may take a day or 2 to get use too especially when I was use to seeing a 30" Samsung widescreen HDTV but I'm very happy. I ordered the Avia calibration disc and hopefully I can fine tune it (apparently the filters aren't included if you rent this from Netflix). I'm watching from my bed about 9 feet away. Before that I had a Samsung 30" HD there. That TV set was too small. I made the mistake of thinking a 30" widescreen HD would be more than equal to my 4:3 normal 27" set. It wasn't. Cam posted an actual conversion table at www.cavecreations.com/tv2.cgi?KeohiHDTV that I wish I used when I originally replaced my 27" set. It took about 3 days for my eyes to get use to the 34" widescreen from my 30" widescreen. The DVD picture is awesome on this. If a DVD movie wasn't filmed or converted to widescreen, you can use the 4:3 aspect on this TV and it looks great. This wasn't the case with my 30" Samsung. Regular 4:3 color TV shows on this set look very good compared to the grainy pictures I'm use to seeing on other HD Sets. The HD broadcasts are excellent. I still think I can fine tune the picture slightly better as it seems a tinge too dark. I can't comment on sound as I listen through my Denon Receiver, Orb Mod 1 speakers & Harmon Kardon 31 DVD player & so that isn't a factor. I got my set from Circuit City for $1200 plus I bought an extended 5 year warranty & delivery & installation was free & took just 2 days. My original budget was $1,000 but the reviews on this set were so unanamously positive compared to other 34" sets, I decided to spend the extra $200. I sold my Samsung for $475 & am quite happy with this set for my bedroom. It fits perfectly atop of my dresser. It weighs 160 pounds but that's not a factor as most dressers will support that & I didn't move it in. It's depth is around 23 1/2" which again wasn't a factor for me as I had more then enough room to put it on top of the dresser.
  • 12-07-2005, 06:45 PM
    Thanks for the link on the tv screen comparison, Ed. Kelsci. Enjoy your new set. I saw the Panny's play at CC and they play very well indeed.
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    Originally Posted by kelsci
    Thanks for the link on the tv screen comparison, Ed. Kelsci. Enjoy your new set. I saw the Panny's play at CC and they play very well indeed.

    My biggest mistake when I originally bought my second HD Set was thinking that a 30" Widesecreen HD would be comparable screen size wise to my regular 27" set. It wasn't close. I'd still recommend my 30" Samsung set to anyone provided they don't think the screen is too small. I totally recommend anyone to use this link by Cam when planning to repace a non widescreen TV with a widescreen HD TV www.cavecreations.com/tv2.cgi?KeohiHDTV
  • 12-07-2005, 11:42 PM
    Hi Ed; I wholeheartedly agree with you. That link is definetly very important to anybody who is making a switch from a 4X3 television to a 16X9. I am not making the switch right now because I do not have the bread, but sometimes people ask me questions and if that question is ever asked of me, at least there is some point of reference to guide them. I was recently at BRANDSMART USA which is located here in So. Florida. My brother purchased a SD4X3 Toshiba 27 inch 27AF45 set. It has a real nice picture. I think it is on sale for a great price at Bestbuy this week; $249, I believe. The FST pure black tube is a pretty darn good one along with the Colorstream component inputs. I saw a 26 inch version 16X9 set with this tube and it played quite well. I think they also have a couple of models with larger screens similar to the Panasonic line which I would think would play well too. Again, enjoy your new set.Kelsci.
  • 12-08-2005, 06:55 AM
    I went with the 30" Panasonic model, mainly cause I got it for $1100, which was the cheapest and best HDtv I could find at the time. Also my audio room, the door is not standard size and I was concerned that I wouldn't get the larger set through the door. As it was I only had about half an inch to spare getting this set through the door.
    Anyways when I used the calibration disc along with my upscaler in HD mode. As far as I could tell the default settings were as close to perfect as I could tell, so I didn't bother trying to adjust anything.
    My friend who has been looking at getting an HDtv as well. Has commented that my Panasonic has probably the best picture he has seen. The best dvd I have for reference is a documentary called Sacred Planet which I believe was filmed by Imax. This dvd upscaled has no lines or graininess and the scenic photography looks like high quality photographs. However I still haven't seen a true HD picture yet as I don't subscribe to HD tv channels.
    Now that the prices have come down on the LCD's I am tempted to get one these to free up some space. But the extra foot of space that I'd save isn't that important for me.
  • 12-08-2005, 08:23 AM
    I would unhinge your door to get a bigger set in if the logistics make it impossible but obviously measure it beforehand.

    Now seems to be a really good time to get HDTV's with 30 day buyer protection matching plans by all the stores. I've generally found Circuit City has the best deals. I'd check out their Web Site & Best Buy's regularly as they are similar to prices in their stores.

    Supposidly within 2 years, the price of a 32" HD LCD on a name brand will have dropped to $800 but the reality is, who can wait that long. I definately would recommend to anyone who doesn't have HD, with a somewhat limited budget, to start with a large screen rear projecor HD Ready Widescreen TV which you can get from anywhere from $800-$1500 today including delivery. I know the Mitsubishi 48" Set I got a year ago was being sold in the same store now for $1250! I'd also rent from your Cable or Satellite company an HD DVR which is very inexpensive and gives a perfect picture.

    I just wish Sci Fi & FX would broadcast in HD & that WB & UPN were available in HD from my Cable Company.