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    Question Opinions on various 48"-55" Rear Projection sets.

    Hello folks.

    I'm looking to purchase my first TV larger than 27". I'm more of a music guy, which explains the small set. Anyway, we just moved into a new home with more rooms to cover. I put the 27" WEGA by itself and thought I'd replace it in the HT setup with a Widescreen HDTV CRT that's on the smaller side.

    48"-55" is what I'm considering and would like to get something nice for DVD and standard cable viewing for less than $1,500. If there were a remarkable contender for up to $1,700ish I'd consider it. However, I could use a new sub for my system and anything above $1,300 is cutting into my sub cash. We sold all of our old furniture with the old house and I can't believe how much money is flying out of our accounts for the new stuff! I hate compromising on electronics but I'm sure there are some solid choices.

    I've read good things about Hitachi and how they supposedly make most of the screens or something that are on the market. Mitsubishi also seems to be respected but their sets also appear to be at higher price points. The picture on the Panasonics look pretty crisp and Sony always seems to have a loyal following.

    I have an older Panasonic Progressive Scan DVD player (RP91) and I hear that some HDTVs can make the most of Progressive Scan and then I also hear about some sets with things like 480p up conversion and 3-2 pull down. Sounds like features I'd like but I'm really too busy around the house to fully research everything. That's why I'm here. : )

    Here are some sets that have caught my eye and that are advertised in my local area. I'm up for suggestions of others of course. It would be great to hear about any experiences you've had with any of these or just general advise.

    Panasonic PT53WX54 53" HD, Wide, PIP, at Costco for $1,323. Zero balance but 4 in route. Speaker base is narrow in relation to the screen width, FYI.

    Philips 55PW9363 55" HD, Wide, PIP, at Costco for $1,300. In stock
    Haven't heard anything about Philips, reliability or otherwise.

    Mitsubishi WS55315 55" HD, Wide, PIP, at Ultimate Elect. $1,800 but they give me 13%
    off. Is it any better than the lesser priced sets from other makers?

    Panasonic PT53X54 53" HD, Wide, PIP, at Ultimate Elect. for $1,600 and I'd get 13% off.
    Same as the 53WX54 but with a full sized speaker base?? If so why buy it for more to use in conjunction with a surround setup?

    Mitsubishi WS48315 48" HD, Wide, PIP, at Ultimate Elect. for $1,600 and 13% off. Smaller size than I'd like but I'm moving from a 27" and I'm looking for quality over size.

    Hitachi 51F510 51" HD, Wide, at Circuit City for $1,700 and I have a 10% off coupon. Not sure if this one has PIP but it's not a must have.

    Panasonic PT47X54 47" HD, Wide, PIP, at CC for $1,500 not counting 10% off.

    Sony KP51WS520 51" HD, Wide, PIP, at Best Buy for $1,530 on sale according to net.
    Not my favorite cabinet if all else is equal.

    Toshiba 51H84 51" HD, Wide, PIP, at Best Buy for $1,615 on sale according to net ad.

    So there's nine that I might be interested in if reliability is high and so on. I can't veiw all of them together unfortunately.

    Thanks a bunch for the advice and I'll let you know how it goes.


    Wasatch Mountain Range, Utah

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    Wow, no thoughts. Wish I could remember my old login from five years ago here. Then maybe I'd have had some response.

    Anyway I've got a local shop offering me the Mitsu WS48515 for $1,650 so that's the direction I'll probably head.



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    Mitsubishi WS48315 48" HD Ready TV Rocks!

    I got the Mitsubishi WS48315 48" HD for the same $1600 which also included delivery & installation & it is the best TV I've ever had. I'm in love with it. It looks great and for my apartment, it is a perfect fit. It is in my living room (which in some houses is called a family room) and is about 9 1/2 - 10' or in front of my sofa & the 48" size is just perfect. The picture is fantastic, its set on the store or manufacturers (I'm not sure which) preset settings, and I haven't had to make any changes at all. I view my picture through Time Warner HD DVD Receiver (box).

    What I do recommend you doing, and you can get this stuff using buy it now on Ebaywith about 2 day turnaround time from a business that sells cable stuff on mass on Ebay, that uses the name cmhowell5 , is buy Monster THX component cable to connect to both your TV from the Time Warner HD DVR/Box & from you rDVD player to the TV.So you're getting 2 sets of component video cable. The cable company provides you with a cheap set, stick to Monster or a similar brand & buy it brand new & sealed at half the price includung shipping on Ebay through this seller.

    I'd also recommend if you go through a cable company to rent for $10 a month an HD DVR.

    My 3 front satellite speakers are on top of this TV proportionately spaced & my receiver/DVD player & HDV DVR is also on top of the TV as well. I run my rear speakers to the sides of my sofa & the sub is to the right of the TV.

    Good luck

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    Thanks for the vote of confidence on the Mitsu and the eBay info too. I haven't bought anything through my account for a while and could use a few current trades. I have a fair bit of stuff I'll be letting go to auction soon.

    It would be a blast if the set I get doesn't need any drastic tuning right away. I have way too many projects going on and I'm just looking to relax and enjoy the new TV. If your set was brand new I'd expect that it came dialed in from the factory. Makes me feel better.

    To make you and just about anyone else feel better about their HT room, wait and see the photo links of what I'm having to work with (coming soon in my next thread). We can post links to photos on the forum right?

    Thanks again Hershon

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