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    Onkyo Blu-Ray players

    Hey guys,new to this forum and was wondering when (and if) anyone has heard about Onkyo releasing Blu Ray players. BTW, I just got their PR-SC885 and boy it is one sweet machine! Thanks

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    Hey Scuba, welcome to AR! Onkyo has announced the DV-BD606 will be released late this year in Europe, search Google for more details on this upcoming model. I'm not certain what the US model will be, however Onkyo has the same press release on their US site.

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    oh i'm jealous, i really like that pre/pro.

    you could just get a ps3 in the interim and then have something that can also play a few games and stream media from your computer.
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    Very nice Onkyo pre/pro. I see that it is virtually the same as the impressive Integra DTC-9.8.

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    Well, let me be the third to hop in and say "Welcome to the club". And, yes, that is one hella nice pre/pro. I've always felt Onkyo was underrated.

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    hi scoba "welcome" to audio school, looking at that bv-bd606 when it get here...

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