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    Question Onkyo 502/602 or Yamaha 5740/5750 - Advice needed !!


    I am planning to replace my 9 year old Sony ProLogic Receiver and am currently looking at the Onkyo 502/602 or the Yamaha 5740/5750 .. Need advice / suggestions please ..

    I have a 27'' Sony TV, Sony DVD player and Bose AM3s and Bose VCS-10 Center Channel and Bose 151 Rear Speakers ..

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    Good choice of recievers. It really depends on where you want to buy. If it was me for the price i'd go for the Onkyo 502 running $220 shipped new off ebay. If i had the money id go for the 602 for $400 shipped. But my vote is a little biased being an onkyo fan. I strongly believe that for the money you beat the 502 unless you need a 7.1 system.

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