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    Question Novice: Need advice/help for Home Theater set up

    I’m trying to put hook up a Home Theater system with some older components and can use some advice/help (Please bare with me I am definitely a novice )
    The receiver I am using is probably close to 10 years old; it’s a Yamaha RX V870 (Dolby surround sound, Pro Logic).
    Question 1) I see no ‘labeled’ output for a sub-woofer but I do see an area title ‘Coupler’ with a connector labeled ‘Low Pass 200 Hz’. Would this be the right place to connect the sub-woofer (Mirage Powered sub)?

    Question 2a) .The receiver has no specified DVD port, instead it has VCR1 and VCR2, I would assume this is where the DVD needs to be connected?

    Question 2b) The connecters for the VCR1 is as follows:
    Audio in Right (red Female) Audio in Left (White Female)
    Audio out Right (red Female) Audio out Left (White Female)
    Video in (Yellow Female) and Video out (Yellow Female)
    S Video in and S Video out
    I would assume I only need to connect the DVD player to the Audio Left and Right inputs and connect the S video from the DVD Player directly to the TV (Panasonic HDTV) ?

    Question 3) The TV connection on the receiver only have the Right and left female connecters (Audio) along with Video and S video. I would assume this connects directly to the TV.

    Additional info: Using Comcast cable (The Cable box is not digital for the time being)

    Any help would be very much appreciated

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    It sounds like the receiver is pre-digital, so the best you can hope for is Dolby Pro Logic. DPL is derived from a stereo L/R input, the rears are mono and limited in freq. response (100Hz-7KHz), the center is derived as L+R. It does an OK job and enjoyable if that's all you have. Since you don't have a digital input, DD/DTS/PCM is not available to you, so you can use any analog input and it will provide the same utility. You should be able to connect to the CD/TV/VCR1/VCR2/Tape1/Tape2 inputs. If you use the tape or VCR inputs, use the playback not records as inputs. Enjoy what you have, but understand Dolby Digital, DTS, DVD-Audio, SACD, etc provides so much more that you may want to upgrade when your budget allows. I believe, when it comes to music, or formats, as long as you enjoy what you're hearing, it's all good.

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