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    Smile newbie seeks advice on wireless theatre, ipod, etc.

    Greetings everyone. My first post. I would welcome your advice!

    I'm looking to build a home theatre system around a Samsung HLS 4666W 46" DLP wide screen I bought for a studio apartment. It's a small space so I don't need powerful sound and I'd like wireless rear speakers. I recently picked up a new video ipod too. I'm considering build a library of videos on the ipod for playing to the home theatre. I have direct line of site to Sears Tower so I get HD over the air very well.

    I'd like to maximize the capability of the TV (2500:1 contrast, 720p, 1280x720 converter, 2 HDMI inputs) by adding a quality DVD player and low end (?) surround system. What would you do?

    I've read the Samsung HD960 is a good DVD player for upconversion. Should I build around that?

    Panasonic makes a few low end surround systems that support an additional wireless rear speaker unit. Do you know of other brands that offer wireless rears?

    What about the video Ipod? Any neat ideas for integrating it?

    Thanks for your help! best regards from Chicago.

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    forget the Panny wireless HTIB or any other brand/model; most of these types of all-in-one systems have very limited capabilities, poor sound quality, weak center channel and/or surrounds, limited range IR wireless transmission, etc...
    try the following items:
    Denon AVR1507 receiver
    Denon ASD-1R I-pod dock
    Polk Soundbar multichannel speaker
    Polk PSW10 subwoofer

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    say no to Panny

    Thanks AVMASTER, I'll look into these!


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