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    Newbie Questions

    I have two questions that I need help on:

    Item 1 (Sirius & Audiovox)

    I need some assistance with an issue I am having with my audiovox unit. My audivox is connected with the home kit to my bose unit. When I listen I hear a lot of static like there is interference. I cannot for the life of me figure it out and need some help. The only thing I can think might be causing the issue is that all the wires are wrapped together and I think there might some sort of magnetic shielding issue ?

    Issue 2 (DVD Sound Goes Off)
    When I watch a DVD in the middle of the movie the sound blips on and off ? Any idea what could cause that ? I thought the DVD player was overheating so I got a new one and it's still happening. I Have a call into Bose to see if that's the cause but would appreciate any guidance.


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    While throwing the Bose in the trash won't stop the blip, and no one is going to stiop you, but the blip is just a layer change on the disc and somewhat common. Not sure if better DVD pllayers handle the layer change more smoothly, but maybe others here can comment on that.

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