• 12-23-2003, 03:02 PM
    Newbie Question: Is there good sub $500 Reciever + Speakers
    I'm thinking of getting a 5.1 surround sound system for $500 or less. I've a 32" samsung HDTV, a pretty nice DVD player, but still using the TV's built in speakers. All I want is a decent system for Movies and Games (PS2 and Xbox). I don't really need a system that can shake the room, but just good enough to watch some action movies and games.

    I've been looking at those Theater in a box, but I've already got a DVD player which supports dts and Dobly Digital. So I think it'll be a waste of $$ to get a Theater in a Box with those 5 disc changers (who would need a 5 disc DVD changer?! you can only watch 1 dvd at a time right?) Also, not many Theater in a Box has component Input. I need at least 2 (3 is the best) component input for Video switching (between DVD, PS2 and XBox). I've looked at Fry's, they've a Component Video Swtching box but it cost $100!! It'd be nice to just let the reciever handle the switching.

    As for speakers, I know smaller speakers usually don't produce good sound, but since I've a small living area (maybe 15X15), big speakers isn't an option.

    So any suggestions? or should I just go with a Theater in a Box since my budget is So Low? :(

    Thanks a lot!
  • 12-23-2003, 05:47 PM
    This Guy
    tuff situtation
    at this price I can almost guarntee you that a receiver in this price range will not do all the component switching for you if any. My $300 receiver doesn't even have ANY component switching so you're out of luck there. So just hook everything up straight to the TV, you don't have toput it through the receiver. With my system I just hooked my xbox to the vport, ps2 to the composite, and DVD to component. There is a decent Onkyo system for around $500 that gets great reviews. This may be right up your alley.


    This is about the best bang for the buck you can get for $500. If you want to do better then that you'd proabbly have to spend a considerable amount more, but I see that's not an option. Good luck.

  • 12-23-2003, 07:18 PM
    I second the onkyo, I think circuit city has it now for $500 & ive seen it over at www.shoponkyo.com cheaper, you have to register to club onkyo. I have owned it and it sounds amazingly good for the money, 150w powered sub and all. Wait till you see something like saving private ryan on it...you won't be dissapointed, it provides some real impact with lots of clarity.
  • 12-23-2003, 10:03 PM
    How about this one? the Onkyo's HT-S760. It's on sale on Circuit City for 500bucks. with 6.1 and 2 component video in!

    I think if you guys said the S660 is good, a newer verison should be even better right? I think I'll go down to Circuit City to check it out. Seems like the perfect system for me!

    Thanks a lot for the help!
  • 12-24-2003, 01:12 AM
    Yesterday I mentioned this JVC receiver (RX7030) in another thread that may also fit your need. It has component video switching and more.
    Pair this with speaker package from Hsu Research (Ventriloquist VT12) and a budget subwoofer and you are set. Good luck.
  • 12-24-2003, 08:47 AM
    This Guy
    Oh if that Onkyo has component switching, no doubt get it. Now that leaves just one of your compnents that can't be hooked up to compoent. Good luck and Happy Holidays!