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    Cool New Yamaha receiver with XM Satellite Radio tuner.

    New Yamaha 6.1-Ch. receiver (HTR-5840BL..$300) on the scene have built in XM satellite radio tuner, and all one need is an antenna and superscription to receive XM programing.

    Considering that most [stand alone] satellite radio tuners cost about $100, this new receiver might be ideal for those who listen to satellite radio, and thinking of upgrading. With choice of 9 subwoofer crossover frequencies and phase switching for customization of bass response.

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    Good point, Smokey! I checked out the new line of Yamahas a couple days ago at my local retailer. The only big difference between last years and this years is the XM radio. If anyone sees anything else different, please let me know. I talked with my salesperson and he said an antenna would run between $35 and $50. My good friend works for Hertz rent a car and always brings home cars with XM radio- pretty darn cool! I like the comedy stations they have- good way to stay entertained to and from work in traffic!

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    Hi Z

    With receiver FM tuner almost being useless due to crappy quality and quantity of FM stations, satellite tuner is like breath of fresh air for unattended music source.

    By the way, Audiovox fixing to come out with a XM satellite tuner/antenna package for $50 at Bestbuy

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