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    New Reciever - Replacing HK AVR 7000

    Well after about 7 years I want to replace my aging AVR7000 with something newer and hopefully more reliable. I've been looking at the following

    Harman Kardon AVR-7300 or AVR-645
    (sort of torn here after the issues I've had with my AVR-7000)

    Yamaha HTR-6090
    I like the Yamahas I've heard, but I've never owned one

    Onkyo TX-SR803
    I like Onkyo's, have several friends with them and they swear by them

    I have the following setup:

    Infinity 12" Sub (powered)
    Infinity RS5 Front Speakers
    Infinity CC3 Center Channel
    Infinity RS3 Surrounds

    Replacing speakers just isn't an option right now and since the AVR-7000 has a failing channel yet again (Likely capacitors).

    I don't have an HDTV yet, that's a couple years down the road once student loans are gone.

    Any recommendations?

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    What all are you looking to get out of your new receiver? (options, ratings,...)
    What is the max you are willing to spend?

    If you like Onkyo, look into the Integra line (high end Onkyo)

    other's I would suggest: NAD, B&K, Pioneer Elite...
    B&K would be a large step up but cost a bit more...
    NAD I think is a step up in audio, but may not have as many bells and whistles...
    Pioneer Elite & Integra may be a small step above HK, Yam, Denon, and Onkyo imo...

    all these except B&K have receivers in several price ranges...
    best to find them at a store and see the functionallity so you know which you like best...
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    Yeah, what's your budget? Yamaha and Onkyo make good stuff for the money, but like everything, you can get a bit more as you move up in price. In this hobby you can unnecessarily "extra 100 bucks" yourself into bankruptcy, though, that's the danger. Start with a budget, and identify your needs. See if they jive. If not, you may have to reconsider one or the other. If they do, I'm sure some more specific model recommendations will follow.

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    Budget for Reciever

    As far as a budget for the reciever I was thinking around $700. I just can't justify going to a high end reciever without a dedicated home theater room.

    I also don't want to spend more than that as I'm starting to save for a replacement for my aging Sony 36" XBR 400 TV.

    I'm somewhat interested in trying another brand of reciever as the HK AVR-7000 while a good reciever when it worked, has had serious reliability problems.

    The additional year warranty on the Yamaha is also a bonus.

    I guess my best bet is to go to the local audio store and take a listen to the different recievers.

    I want a reciever that is pretty well balanced does a good job with home theater, does a good job playing CD music and has a fairly easy to use tuner. While the system primarily gets used for TV/Movies we do listen to the radio and CD's a fair amount.

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    just a quick note, I just picked up a Pioneer Elite VSX 81-TXV for $650 brand new on Ebay. It has all the bells you will need for the next 7 years at 110 wpc. its IPOD and WMA9 playback ready and XM radio ready, Full HDMI support with up conversion from older analog inputs.
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