• 12-04-2006, 12:41 PM
    New AVR-3806--Anyone else go through the Setup?
    I did it all bassackwards, but now it's done. All but the setup.

    First I got a whole suite of Paradigms--the Mini Monitors up front, CC370 in the center, and Titans in the rear. Also got a very nice Velo SPL 800 sub. Panny 37" plasam for visuals. That was back in May of this year.

    BUT....I left some of the old stuff standing. Like my AVR 1804. After spending all that $$ on the above, I didn't have any left for a new AVR, and actually now I'm glad because I just picked up the new AVR 3806 for under a grand, and upgraded to the Studio 20 v.3s up front for a mere $200 more. This is going to sound pretty impressive once it's all up and running.

    Now, I am fairly fluent in AVR setup since I've done it a few times, but just thought I'd ping the board to see if anyone out there has done the setup, what problems you've encountered, and how you dealt with them. Better to know beforehand rather than have to come back 10X and ask when things don't go right.

    FYI--I have a Harmony 880 universal remote, so I just need to get the Audyssey set up done and set the settings for each component (DVD--DTS surround or ProLogic II, Music--5/6 channel stereo, etc.), right?

    Thanks to all.

  • 12-06-2006, 10:39 AM
    About the only thing I can think of is to make sure you have the digital-in assigned correctly while using HDMI. Don't forget, you'll need optical/coax runs for the audio portion for your source equipment as HDMI is, for now, only good for video. It doesn't transfer MC audio, which is why you'll need to use a separate connection.

    Other than that, the 3806 is pretty straight forward and shouldn't be a problem. Good luck.