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    Needs some help? New home Theatre

    Hey Guys/Gals

    I'm looking into a new system. I need the wow affect, I have a nice nuance system, but I need something for my living room. Wireless would be nice but not sure if they perfected it. Something truly mind blowing!

    Hope to hear back, Thanks Jeff

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    How many mind blowing dollars do you want to spend? And do you want "wow" that sounds good or "wow" that looks really cool?

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    Precisely. Need more detail here. What components do you intend to buy and how much do you intend to spend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffbond98
    I have a nice nuance system
    Never heard of it. Give us a link so we know what your starting/reference point is.

    Quote Originally Posted by jeffbond98
    Wireless would be nice but not sure if they perfected it.
    Wireless is garbage. It will never be perfected because it is unperfectable.
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