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Thread: Need TV advice

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    Need TV advice

    I'm looking into purchasing a new TV and I'm a little torn. First, let me say that I have only budgeted about $1k for a new TV. In fact, I'd like to stay under that as much as possible.

    I started out looking at widescreen CRTs, but quickly realized that the expense of a large CRT and the odd size probably made those units pricier. This made me look into large 4:3 CRTs and rear projection units.

    I finally came across the Samsung CRT rear projection units when I realized I have a friend that works for Samsung and may be able to get me a significant discount. (He has already done the same for friends that purchased the sweet DLP units they have.)

    However, I've failed to find many reviews on the current models and I'm still not sure if this is a decent choice. Below is the unit I'm leaning toward. Please feel free to offer your opinion of this unit as well as suggest other ways to get the most bang for my $1k.

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    Come on, I'm sure people around here have to have some input on this.

    Well, I just found out from my friend that he can no longer get me a discount (he's purchased too many TVs for too many other ppl this year.) So any input on the best way to spend my $1k would be greatly appreciated.

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    Most of the people here work during the day. They'll be on later in the afternoon or this evening. Be patient!

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    Yeh, it is a decent unit for the price. I like the 4:3 too. It is getting difficult to get 4:3 HDTV. This is too bad as most of the current video sources are 4:3 and I don't see that will change during the expected life time of the TV.

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