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    Need some oppinions for reciver upgrade for HD

    I just picked up a Sony Bravia KDL52XBR5, now I need to upgrade my Reciver.
    I can get the Pioneer VSX-1017TXV-K for under $400 and it looks to get good reviews and I would have to get that online.
    My problem here is I my choices to go to the store and purchase is basicly Bestbuys or Circuit City, no real Audio shops here, and what we do have the price's are way high compared to what I see online.
    Im looking to spend up to about the $600 range
    I hooking it up to
    M60's v2 Mains
    QS8's v2 Surounds
    VP 150 v2 Center
    EP 500 v2 Base
    Pioneer DVD but will up grade to Blue ray in the future

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    Onkyo offers some serious bang in that price range. You can check out the 606 or maybe get a good deal on the 705 or 805. Circuit City carries Onkyo. You can also check Onkyo's website for authorized internet dealers.

    Don't know much about the Pioneer but I did spend some time with the Onkyo 805. It's a good unit.

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