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    Need input on new home theatre

    Just purchased a new house with a living room about 30x30. Considering this setup with cost in mind, would like to stay in this range. Any advice appreciated.

    Panasonic 50" Plasma HDTV (TH-50PX60U)

    Pioneer VSX-1015TX
    Polk Bookshelf Speakers Monitor 40 fronts
    Polk Bookshelf Speakers Monitor 30 rears
    Polk Center Channel Speaker CS1

    PSW10BK / or PB10-ISD / or Veodyne

    Also considered the Onkyo HT-S870

    Need something clean to keep the wife happy.

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    If this is your first foray into home theater I think what you have selected will serve you well. Those new Panasonic plasmas are real impressive.Polks are good speakers and usually a good value. I would suggest that as you get to know them over the future, save up money and consider upgrading speakers, as they will be the most significant factor in the sound you hear.

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    You need a source to go with that system.Will this be a movie only system?


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    That should work fine. Just as important as the equipment that you buy is setting everything up properly. Learn the functions on the setup menus, and if you opt for the Pioneer, verify (and modify if necessary) the settings that the MCACC auto calibration gives you. Also experiment with how you align the speakers and place the subwoofer.

    I would strongly suggest that you get a Radio Shack analog SPL meter and test DVD such as the Sound & Vision Home Theater Setup, Digital Video Essentials, or Avia discs. The video tests on those test discs alone are worth the price (as low as $15 for the S&V disc). Using a SPL meter and test DVD will likely give you more accurate results than the auto calibration, and allow you to tweak with the subwoofer levels (generally, the regulars on this board suggest that you set the subwoofer 4 to 8 db higher than the mains).
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    Quote Originally Posted by ktrahan75
    ...... new house with a living room about 30x30. ......Panasonic 50" Plasma HDTV (TH-50PX60U)
    What is your viewing distance? If you are wanting to optimize your viewing experience keep in mind that your goal (viewing distance vs screen size) should be to have a screen size that is 1/2 your viewing distance. For example, if your viewing distance is 20', you would like to have a screen size of 10'. With your current screen size of 50", your ideal viewing distance would need to be about 100" from the screen (about 8'). That leaves alot of room left in a 30' x 30' room! For more information regarding viewing distances you can read here.

    Good luck!
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