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    Need help on how to wire surround speakers

    I have vaulted celings so i cant use attic and hardwood floors on a slab foundation so i cant go under the floor. I was wondering whats the best and most efficient ways to hide the wires so i can connect them to my back speakers from my receiver. I need to make them as hidden as possible. My only other option is wireless surrounds and i know that is a terrible alternative. Any suggestions appreciated

    please help


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    You can either modify your existing baseboards or buy those specifically made to hide
    AV wiring. Some wires are made into flat ribbons that can be drywalled, textured and painted to go right over your existing sheetrock. 6 of one or half a dozen of the other. You can pull wires from the baseboard. Some patching will be necessary.

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    I routed out the back of 3 1/4" stucco molding to accomodate three 14 gauge pairs of speaker wire. I then finished the top with quarter round. Looks great, works perfectly.

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    Thanks alot will try that

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    I had this problem wiring my "back" channel speakers, as there was no access thru the
    wall. Since you have no over the top, or under options, the molding sounds like your
    only approach. They sell molding at H/D and Lowes with that channel already molded
    in. Depending how far you need to go, you just pull of the old, tuck your wire in the
    new molding channel and reattach, DO NOT nail thru wire. Now once it's over to the
    speaker location, you have to get the wire up to the mounts. I used a "dremel tool"
    with a barrel sand roll and shaved a SMALL exit for the cable, and cut a trench in the
    sheet rock, tucked the wire in, clamped them, and filled with joint compond/tape/sanding
    and had to paint the whole wall. Not a 10 minute project! Also, if you have a significant
    other, believe me, you will have to lay the ground work for this. Our living room, is
    the listening room, so EVERYTHING, has to be planned/okayed, all the marrage
    stuff. Anyway, after the mess was cleaned, the wires are invisible, and you only have
    to do it once. Good luck. P.S, almost forgot, use the smallest gauge wire you can get
    away with for these 2 runs, I used 16.

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