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    need help, connecting PC to powered sub to passive speakers

    Hey guys, I am in desperate need of help here.

    I got this huge ass Technical Pro Nuke 15" sub with max 1500 watts and two 500 watt powered out puts for speakers. What im trying to do is connect my pc to the sub and the sub to my passive speakers. I got a 1/8 to split RCA going from my pc to the line in under the subwoofer section, all im getting is bass which should be correct, but im not sure where to put the other RCA connection coming from my PC since there is only one line in for the woofer( this is white). There is a red RCA connection under the subwoofer out. There are also two (red/white) RCA connections next to this under a label satellite, the top two are line in the bottom two are line out. There are two Speakon powered out-puts one L and one R below the speakon connections are a set of 2 female bare wire connections (-,+ and +,-)

    So I really need to get the mids and highs going and Im not sure what connections need to be made, I also dont know if it makes a difference but my speakers i want to output to are a pair of Yamaha NS-A838's which have a maximum of 200 watts(not sure if the 500w powered outputs is too much for the speakers have).

    Sorry this would have been alot eaiser if i had my camera. Thanks so much guys

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    OP here and i got some pics, i currently have only lows coming out when the RCA is hooked up to the subwoofer line in port, but when i touch the other RCA (from the 1/8 to 2 RCA's) to any of the other ports on the metal out side of the port i can get some vocals for some reason, still need some advice guys!
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    Its simple, basically.
    Go to the "shack" (radioshack) and get an adapter, a stereo mini plug
    on one side and two RCA plugs on the other, and a mono mini plug with an rca on the other end.
    If it says left, right, and sub on your sound card, get three adapters, mini mono plugs on one end, rca's on the other.
    Plug the left and right into the sat line in (they're labeled) and the sub into the sub in, hook your speakers into the terminals on the back.
    Dont worry about power ratings, these were created by the marketing dept, and if your amp ever puts out 500 watts it will be for about ten seconds, then the mushroom cloud.
    You will never get more than a few amps (if that much) pumping into that thing, because if the car stereo amps in it dont fry the vollume level will render you deaf, so you wont need speakers anyway.
    very seldom is more than five watts or so needed to render enough
    noise in even a good size room, most "normal" listening levels occure at a few watts or so, and the marketing depts count on that
    Playing at even half the vollume level of most amps will cause signifigant hearing damage, teh threshold of teh speakers will never be reached
    (good luck, BTW)
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