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    Question Need help choosing a receiver

    I'm trying to choose between the Yamaha 2600 and the Denon 3806. I'm using the B&W lcr600s3 center, 602s3 fronts,601s3 rears and the klipsch ksw200 12-inch sub. this set-up shares equal time for music as well as movies.I currently use the Yamaha rxv-995. Anybody out there with any suggestions????:

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    I would choose the Denon AVR-3806 over the Yamaha RX-V2600. But you may also want to audition the Rotel RSX-1057 (my pick) and Marantz SR8500.
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    you can't go wrong with the 2600....damn good reciever..the yamaha has more features and , to me, better sound ...i have tried both and went with the yamaha
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    i have nothing against yamaha but the one i used to own was way too inferior as compared to my current marantz and harman kardon receiver.

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    All good choices so far. What will you be listening to the most, music or HT?
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    need advise on components needed to drive
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