I bought the NAD T752 about four months ago. The sound is great, but I've had major issues with the HTR-2 learning remote. After learning all my other remotes, it worked well for a couple of days. But then, it would stop operating different components randomly. I had the remote replaced by the dealer. The second remote did the same thing. I had that one replaced with a third one, which worked for a couple of months. And then, all of a sudden, it stopped working all together the other night. I called my dealer, and he said another customer called about the same problem last week. He told me to contact NAD, which I will do tomorrow. He thinks it may be a software issue. Anyone out there have the same problem, or any possible solution? I'm trying my best to get this resolved, because I really don't want to return the receiver, but at least my dealer said he would take it back. Thanks for any help.