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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    My new Toshiba 27" TV has a "dumbass" button.

    It's called a "reset" button and it reset's the TV to the original factory presets, which are pretty honkin' ghastly, IMNSHO.

    it's located immediately above the source button and, since they are teeny tiny little buttone, it's really easy to hit the wrong button unless you are reeeeeeeeeeeal careful and, with my 55 year old eyes, I can see we're gonna be real careful here.

    But, hey, for $188 I can't b!tch too much. It's got two inputs on the back, one with "colorstream" (read: component), the other with S-Video AND a third input on the front. Gotta love 6th Avenue and their unadvertised specials. It'll be perfect in the gym for the wife to use for her tape workouts.

    It kinda reminds me of the bright orange square "reset" button on the otherwise all battlaship grey and black RatShack TRS-80 series of 'puters. It was just as attractive as exposed dust covers on speakers to small kids and less than prudent adults. "Daddy, what's this pretty button do? NO! NO! Sweetie, don't tou...., Damn!"

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    What? $185 for a 27" Toshiba? Is it a real TV or the ones you see in Ikea or Plummer's? Enjoy!
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    Mark, my 9 year old Panny Gaoo 27 inch has a factory reset button, but I have to press the action button then scroll to the picture settings then scroll to the factory reset and then press the action button. My 9 year old tv is idiot proof. You could not even accidentally go to the factory picture setting and then accidentally change anything. Hell, you could drop your remote off your coffe table and fear that your going to have to change all your settings again. That reset button is the stupidest button I have ever heard of. These tv manufacturers must go towards a better more idiot proof remote then to go back in time with remotes with ridiculous buttons such as a reset button. Keep that remote up high my friend.

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