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    Monster power conditioner confusion

    I just purchased the Monster HTS3600MKII power conditioner and for a relatively simple product, I am have a hell of a time hooking the thing up. I actually returned a Belkin PF31 to get the Monster because I perceived the Monster as being a better product, however, I am beginning to regret my decision. I connected all the plugs to their designated outlets on the back of the power conditioner as identified. Went to turn things on and my receiver gets no power. I then try switching the receiver onto an unswitched outlet designated as DVR. Low and behold, power! So, then I decide to try my CD player on the outlet marked receiver on the power conditioner and again, no power to my CD player. So, as far as I'm concerned at this point, the switched outlets are dead. Yes, the power conditioner is turned on also. And, I also can't for the life of me figure out how the remote is supposed to work. I've tried the trigger. I've tried the AC. I've tried them both at once. What gives? Have any of you had similar experience?

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    Unfortunately I am unable to diagnose your problem based on the information that you have provided, however, I would like to throw in my suggestion towards getting the Belkin Pure AV40 or AV60. Both are superb for their pricepoint and will give you no hassle! If you end up returning the Monster unit I would highly recommend either one of the Belkin models that I mentioned! If you have any more questions pertaining to them just ask away!

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    I have mine & it works great & definately improves audio sound & picture. However, I had to put the plugs on my receiver, DVD player & things, mostly in sockets they weren't identified with because the ones they list made my sound weaker, etc., for the most part. If you privately email me, I'll let you know how I have it set up- give me a week or so to do it.

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    This is what I use. I have 2 and they seem great. Had them for years with no problems.

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